eMail Marketing

A Key Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Reaching out to customers and potential customers by email is a highly effective part of any digital marketing strategy, but only if you have clear objectives in mind and a planned and structured campaign. Random emails for no particular reason fall perilously close to the spam end of the email scale!

When you use RedStar to plan and create your email marketing strategy, we will begin with a consultation to help us understand your objectives for the campaign. Only then will we begin to design the look, feel and key messages of the emails themselves.

Mapped out and structured

At RedStar, we’re experts in the design of highly targeted weekly or monthly email campaigns. Using our experience and our understanding of your business, we can help you figure out the key times of year you should be reaching out to your customers, and the most important information or message to communicate to them each time.

Our email campaigns leave nothing to chance behind the scenes, but to the email recipient they are interesting, engaging, professional and friendly.

Clear conversion and analysis

Like everything else in the online business world, an email marketing campaign is only any use to you if you can see clear results from the effort invested. Let us create targeted landing pages to funnel your email respondents quickly and easily into a lead, phone call or sale on your site.

We undertake to always provide you with clear metrics and honest analysis. Everything we do here at RedStar is transparent, so you can expect to know the full details of the open rate and the click through rate, and the number of enquiries generated as a direct result of each email.

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